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Participants Needed for Survey on Use of Alternative Augmentation Communication Devices

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) announces a new survey and a chance to earn up to $300. Participants are needed to complete a survey about their use of Alternative Augmentation Communication (AAC) Technologies.

The Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer (KT4TT), has partnered with the Western New York Independent Living Center. Together they are conducting research on knowledge translation strategies for people with speech and related disabilities. Their current research is seeking the best ways of communicating research knowledge to AAC stakeholders. This includes consumers, clinicians, brokers, policy makers, manufacturers and researchers. In the past, this Center has been able to get over 50 products for people with disabilities into the market place. The Center is seeking input from consumers over the age of 18 who use AAC equipment, and who will participate in our study.

For any consumer who participates in the study he / she will receive $100
for each one of the 3 questionnaires we will ask them to complete.

For each participant an organization is able to offer us, a chance will be
put into a drawing for $1000. This means if your organization can help the
center find one consumer your organization will get one chance at the
drawing. If your organization assists the center in finding 10 consumers you
will get 10 chances in the drawing. They are only seeking 60 participants
so you can see the chance of winning the drawing is greatly enhanced with
more referrals.

To find out more about the study or to participate, contact Douglas Usiak at Tel (716) 204-8606 ext. 205, or email:

**** Be Sure to mention AAPD as the referring agency ***


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