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Selected Online Assistive Technology Vendors

Individuals with disabilities throughout New Jersey use a wide variety of assistive technology (AT) in their homes, schools, workplaces, and in the community. A number of different vendors provide an array of different devices to help people with different types of disabilities work, learn, read, and participate in many different sorts of activities. Many of these vendors provide websites with detailed information about various assistive technology devices.

This bulletin lists several online vendors who provide AT devices, as well as a telephone number to contact each vendor to request catalogues or product information. This list does not include every possible vendor. Disability Rights New Jersey (DRNJ) does not endorse any specific vendor. DRNJ encourages individuals to shop around to find the best device for them at the most reasonable price. Additionally, DRNJ encourages individuals to utilize the National Public Website on Assistive Technology, at, which provides a more comprehensive listing of vendors.

Vendors of Devices for Assistance with Daily Living

  • Able-Net – – (800) 322-0956
    Offers augmentative communication devices, switches, learning technology, and computer aids.
  • Boomer Care Technologies – (888) 612-2666
    Provides devices tailored for helping to keep older individuals with disabilities more mobile within their homes.
  • Independent Living Aids – – (800) 537-2118
    Provides a large catalogue of devices focused on living independently, including items for people with low vision or blindness.
  • Maxi-Aids – – (800) 522-6294
    Provides a variety of items for people with vision, hearing, and mobility impairments, as well as medical aids, household products, and computer accessories.
  • Rehab-Mart – – (800) 827-8283
    Focuses on medical supplies and rehabilitation products, including durable medical equipment and furniture.

Vendors of Devices for People with Vision Loss

  • Enhanced Vision – – (888) 811-3161
    Focuses on low vision and magnification products.
  • Freedom Scientific – – (800) 444-4443
    Provides computer text-to-speech software and other devices for individuals who are blind or have other visual impairments.
  • GW-Micro – – (260) 489-3671
    Provides reading systems and other products for people with low vision.
  • Humanware – – (800) 722-3393
    Provides communication options for people who are deaf-blind, in addition to products tailored to individuals with other visual impairments.
  • Optelec – – (800) 826-4200
    Provides desktop and portable magnifiers and other equipment for people with visual impairments.

Vendors of Devices for People with Hearing Loss

  • Clarity – – (800) 426-3738
    Provides amplified phones and other communication systems for people with hearing loss.
  • Deafworks – – (800) 855-2881 / (801) 465-1957 (TTY)
    Provides alarm clocks, TTY devices, and signal devices.
  • Hear More – – (800) 881-4327 / (800) 281-3555 (TTY)
    Provides a wide array of products designed for people with hearing impairments, including flashers, headsets, and sensors.
  • Ultratec – – (800) 482-2424 (V/TTY)
    Provides amplified telephones, Captel-enabled communication devices, as well as signalers and other devices.

Vendor for Accessible Vehicles

Vendors for Devices for Education

  • Cambium Learning – – (800) 547-6747
    Provides a variety of software for assessment, literacy, and mathematics, including Kurzweil scanning software.
  • Don Johnston – – (800) 588-4548
    Provides educational software and products focused on helping students with learning disabilities read and write more effectively.
  • Mayer-Johnson – – (800) 588-4548
    Provides software for adapting items in the education curriculum for people with various disabilities.

Vendors for Devices for Communication


  • The CARTWHEEL is a comprehensive online database of assistive technology vendors in New Jersey, and is available at the ATAC website at
  • The New Jersey Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DDHH) operates the statewide equipment distribution program for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing and need access to telecommunications and visual alerting home safety equipment.
  • The iCanConnect/NJ program is the New Jersey affiliate for the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program. This program will ensure that low-income individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and who have combined hearing and vision loss can access telephone, advanced communications and information services.


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