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2013 Abilities Expo New York Presentation

On Friday, May 3, 2013, at 11:45 AM, Curtis Edmonds, Program Director for the Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) will be doing a presentation entitled “Finding and Using Free Apps for iPad and iPhone” at the Abilities Expo in Edison. Individuals who want to view the apps on their phones during the presentation can use the QR code below, which points to this website.

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This is a list of the free iPad and iPhone apps that we are planning to demonstrate at this event. Keep in mind that we may not be able, given time considerations, to demonstrate all apps listed – and, of course, this is only a fraction of the total apps that are available. Wherever possible, we have included links to the iTunes App Store, and the Google Play site for Android apps if the app is available at that location.

Keep in mind that ATAC cannot guarantee the continued availability of apps, or that any given app will remain free. Apps are listed alphabetically. ATAC makes no endorsement of any product or device offered through the iTunes App Store or Google Play. In instances where a given Android app is not available through Google Play, we have attempted to link to a similar free app.

Free Apps for People with Vision Impairments

Name Description Link(s)
BigBrowser This browser has a large-print keyboard and tools to help individuals with low vision navigate the Internet. App Store / Google Play
Braille Touch Allows a means of using the touchscreen to type in Braille. App Store
Chime Provides a chime (or a voice) at regular intervals to help user keep track of time. App Store / Google Play
Chromatic Vision Simulator Simulates how the world looks to people with varying types of color-blindness. App Store / Google Play
Color Blindness Test Provides a simple test for different types of color-blindness. App Store / Google Play
Color ID Free Uses the camera on your iPhone or iPod touch to speak the names of colors in real-time. Useful for people with visual impairments for picking out clothes. App Store / Google Play
EyeNote Scans dollar bills and reports the denomination. App Store
Flesky Keyboard with voice support and word prediction. App Store
iCanSee Free Free full-screen magnifier with slide controls. App Store / Google Play
Is it dark outside? Uses GPS to calculate your location and tell a user who is blind whether it is dark outside or not. App Store / Google Play
oMoby Snap a photo of a product or scan a barcode to access shopping information. oMoby visual search will return a result for any image. Can help individuals with vision impairments identify unfamiliar objects. App Store / Google Play
TalkCalc Calculator with auditory feedback and high color contrast. App Store / Google Play
ViA The ViA app, by the Braille institute, is an accessible list of apps for a variety of different visual disabilities. App Store
VisionSim Uses the iPad camera to simulate how different types of eye disorders can impact a person’s vision. App Store / Google Play
VizWiz VizWiz lets users with visual limitations access remote sighted workers who can help them with visual problems. Users take a picture with their phone, speak a question, and then receive multiple spoken answers. App Store
TapTapSee Allows users who are blind to use the iPad camera to identify devices. Requires VoiceOver. App Store

Free Apps for People with Communications Disabilities

Name Description Link(s)
Able AAC Free picture-based augmentative communication system. App Store / Google Play
Choice Board Creator Allows users to create customized choice boards to allow individuals with autism to select activities and get rewards for completing them. App Store
Skype Supports free video calling, which can help with facial recognition as well as people who use lip-reading or sign language. App Store / Google Play
Small Talk – Aphasia Speech generating program tailored to the needs of adults with aphasia. App Store
Small Talk – Intensive Care Speech generation system for patients in intensive care settings who cannot speak. App Store
Sono Flex Lite Augmentative communication device that translates symbols into complete sentences. App Store / Google Play
Talking Tom Animated cat repeats everything you say. Helpful for individuals with selective mutism. App Store / Google Play
Unshout Text-based communication device that shows your message in large, high-contrast print. App Store
Verbally Free keyboard-based augmentative communication app. App Store

Free Apps for People who use Special Education Services

Name Description Link(s)
Doodle Buddy Free drawing app that encourages fine motor skills. App Store / Google Play
iTriangle Easy-to-use basic music app. App Store
Language Labs: Core Words Assists with language development and vocabulary for learners with developmental delays. App Store
Letter School Lite Allows children to trace basic letters to help with writing. App Store
PCS Memory Memory game uses speech and symbols and reinforces language development. App Store
PlayButton Very large button enables audio playback. App Store
Pocket Pond 2 Allows user to interact with virtual fish in a koi pond. App Store / Google Play
Put it Away Helps reinforce cleaning behaviors. App Store
Puzzle Spelling Words Allows students to move letters around the screen to spell words. App Store
Signed Stories Plays videos of children’s stories, with either American or British Sign Language. App Store
Spelling City Easy-to-navigate spelling tutorial. App Store / Google Play
Too Noisy! Simple sound meter helps monitor classroom sound level. App Store

Free Apps for People with Other Disabilities

Name Description Link(s)
Able Road Provides information about accessibility of a variety of locations for travelers with disabilities. App Store / Google Market
Breathe2Relax A portable stress management tool which helps users practice breathing techniques to reduce stress. App Store / Google Play
DisAbilityConnect Organizes the database of disability organizations from the national Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY). App Store / Google Play
NatureSpace Provides soothing white noise nature sounds. App Store / Google Play
Operation Reach Out Provides information, resources, and videos for individuals with suicidal behaviors. App Store / Google Play
Optimism Mood charting and medication tracking app for people with varied kinds of mental illness. App Store
PTSD Coach Provides a assessment system and information about post-traumatic stress disorder. App Store / Google Play
QR Reader Free scanner for QR codes, which can assist individuals with difficulty typing in URLs. App Store / Google Play
Sleep Pillow Free “white noise” generator can assist in calming and sleep. App Store / Google Play
T2 Mood Tracker Allows users to monitor their mood levels on six scales (anxiety, stress, depression, brain injury, post-traumatic stress, general well-being) as well as custom scales. App Store / Google Play
Where Am I At? Basic, simple location finder for individuals with navigation issues. App Store / Google Play


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