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Understanding the Proposed Department of Justice Rule on Website Accessibility

Webinar Title: Understanding the Proposed Department of Justice Rule on Website Accessibility

Webinar/Meeting ID: AT16-WEB15-LB

Webinar Speaker Information: Curtis Edmonds, Managing Attorney, Disability Rights New Jersey

Webinar Date & Time: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 3:30-4:30 PM Eastern Time
This email provides you with the access information for connecting to the video and audio portion of the webinar. It also provides a copy of the presentation which will be used during the webinar and additional handouts, if any.



AT16-WEB15 Handout


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To Attend the Webinar:

On the day of the webinar you can connect up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the webinar. Follow the two steps below to connect.

  1.  Connect to the Video portion of the webinar: AT16-WEB15: Understanding the Proposed Department of Justice Rule on Website Accessibility
  2. To verify your registration, please sign in to the AdobeConnect webinar room as a guest and provide us with your full first and last name. Any individuals who do not provide their first and last names will not be allowed to remain in the webinar room.
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First Time Users:

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Troubleshooting: Unable to join the meeting?

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If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact technical support at 866.220.2319 (toll-free) or 706.634.3513 (international). OR you can always access the audio portion of the webinar via conference call and follow along with the handouts provided in this email.


Notice:  By participating in this webinar, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.


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