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Top Consumer Questions

The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) receives many questions from assistive technology (AT) consumers regarding its services.  These are some of the most commonly-asked questions, along with the answers.  If you have a question that is not included on this list, please contact us.

Q:  Can ATAC provide funding for me to purchase an assistive technology device?

A:  No.  ATAC cannot provide funding or grants to individuals.  However, ATAC does have information about how to obtain financing through several different sources, as well as direct funding opportunities.  Additionally, ATAC can provide advocacy services to help individuals get funding (for example, through insurance programs, Medicare, and Medicaid).  ATAC can also provide you with information on device loans and device demonstrations, as well as provide access to used devices

Q:  Does ATAC provide free amplified telephones?

A:  No.  In New Jersey, the program that provides access to assistive technology devices for people who are deaf and hard of hearing is the Equipment Distribution Program at the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DDHH).  For more information about this program, call DDHH at (609) 984-7281 (voice and TTY) or toll-free at (800) 792-8339 (voice and TTY) or via Video Phone at (866) 642-3314.

Q:  Does ATAC repair AT devices?

A:  ATAC is not able to offer repair services.  ATAC maintains a directory of AT service providers in New Jersey, which includes maintenance and repair services.

Q:  Does ATAC offer loan service for durable medical equipment (DME)?

A:  Although ATAC does provide recycling services for DME through a subcontract with YourResource, a Mercer County nonprofit, we currently do not provide loan services for DME.  We may consider providing this service in the future if demand merits it.

Q:  Does ATAC provide door-to-door service for DME recycling?

A.  No.  Our Back In Action program is a device exhange program that helps individuals sell and donate various AT devices between themselves; ATAC cannot pick up used items or deliver items that appear in the catalog.  All participants in Back In Action must arrange for pick-up or delivery themselves. 

Q:  Can ATAC provide me with a modified van?

A:  No.  ATAC provides information about purchasing a modified van, and maintains a list of vendors who provide vehicle modification services.  ATAC occasionally lists modified vans for sale in Back In Action, and can provide advocacy services for individuals seeking to obtain a modified van through the state vocational rehabilitation office or other sources.

Q:  Can ATAC provide me with a prescription or justification letter to help me get a wheelchair or scooter through my health insurance provider?

A:  ATAC cannot prescribe DME or AT devices or write justification letters for individuals.  However, if you are able to obtain a prescription and a justification letter, and your provider will not pay for the cost of the device you need, ATAC may be able to provide advocacy services to assist you.


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