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Voting Presentation by Our Staff

Do you have questions concerning disability-related voting issues? Do you have questions about accessible voting options? Check out our recent trainings to learn more about your rights.

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If you, or someone you know, would like Disability Rights NJ to provide a training about voting rights, please contact our voter hotine at

(866) 493-0023


Voting: It's Your Right Guide Updated

Get ready for the 2020 General Election by reading the recently updates 4th Edition of Voting: It’s Your Right - a guide about voting rights and the voting process in New Jersey developed by The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities in collaboration with its Developmental Disabilities Network Partners, Disability Rights New Jersey and the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Voting: It's Your Right (English version)

Voting: It's Your Right (Spanish version)

DRNJ Congratulates LSNJ for Victory for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Disability Rights New Jersey congratulates Legal Services New Jersey for a huge victory for Medicaid beneficiaries in DC and ML v. DMAHS. In this precedential opinion, New Jersey's Superior Court, Appellate Division held that New Jersey's Medicaid agency, DMAHS, must consider all possible bases for continuing Medicaid eligibility before ​ it terminates a Medicaid beneficiary's eligibility. In this case, DMAHS terminated two people with disabilities from Medicaid without first considering that they were, in fact, still eligible for a different Medicaid program. Unfortunately, the scenario is all too common. The protection recognized by the court is especially important for Medicaid beneficiaries with disabilities, who are often eligible for Medicaid through multiple eligibility "doors", when a change in circumstance ends their eligibility under one of them. The court also held that it was insufficient for DMAHS to require beneficiaries to reapply through a different door after being terminated, because that creates an unlawful lapse in coverage.

DRNJ Launches New COVID-19 Website

DRNJ has been on the front lines of a myriad of complex and crucial issues for the last several weeks. To make it easier for individuals to access our recent COVID-19 work, as well as other valuable resources, we have launchied this new website www.drnj-covid.org.


Accessing DRNJ Webinars

If you missed any of our recent webinars, check out the recordings at at4nj.org YoujTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs3lf6VRY4tiaVcaDe_iBkQ





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